One thing I asked of the LORD,
that will I seek after: 
to live in the house of the LORD
all the days of my life,
to behold the beauty of the LORD,
and to inquire in his temple.

—Psalm 27

If we wish to develop in the life of faith, to mature in our humanity, and to glorify God with our entire heart, mind, soul, and strength, the Psalms are necessary. We cannot bypass the Psalms. They are God’s gift to train us in prayer that is comprehensive (not patched together from emotional fragments scattered around that we chance upon) and honest (not a series of more or less sincere verbal poses that we think might please our Lord). 

—Eugene Peterson, from Answering God

Researchers who study human development know that the way a child learns to shape words and to speak is by hearing and mimicking the speech of her parents. In the same way, God gives us words to learn how to speak to him- and these words, set at the center of the Scriptures, are the book of Psalms. During the Lent season, we’ll be reflecting on the prayers of the Psalms- the prayers that shaped Jesus and that Jesus teaches us to pray- to experience what it means to grow into a praying life. So, whether you’re only beginning to explore spirituality or Christianity, or you’re a long-time Christian, join us at Liberti to learn what it means to live a praying life with God!

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Lent Prayerbook-
We put together an easy-to-use e-prayerbook to help you engage Scripture and prayer during the Lent & Easter seasons. You can download Liberti’s Lent prayerbook here.

Psalms class-
During this series, we’ll be offering a class on the Psalms on Sunday evenings to help you learn, reflect on, and pray the Psalms. This class will feature resources, teaching, and practical help in learning how to pray through the Psalms. For more info, and to register for the class, click here (hyperlink).

The Case for the Psalms- N.T. Wright.
N.T. Wright is the world’s preeminent living biblical scholar and an adept writer; this guide to the Psalms is learned, personal, and practical. If you’d like to understand the world of the Psalms and grow in praying them, this little book is a must-read.