Are you a drained young woman? Exhausted mom? Overwhelmed in this season of your life?

There is nothing new about a woman's balancing act.  Be Realistic.  Being a Christian women today, does not shelter you from that same feeling of being overwhelmed with the weight of it all! Women are on a collision course of schedules. They are exhausted, spread too thin, racing through the day’s activities, juggling too many things,  and keeping up with social media. Today's Christian women face relentless temptations, difficult challenges and on-going demands.   

Sometimes all you need is to know that you are not alone.

Liberti Church offers a community of women to build one another up and encourage one another, as we travel the journey of real faith, together. And to prove it, we meet TWELVE REAL women of the Bible, who have REAL FAITH to overcome these very types of issues in their lives.

Join other Liberti women  this Fall, as we take our messes, which the Messiah touches and turns into messages. We will see how God takes what Satan meant for such evil and uses that for such good! We are not only cleansed, not only healed, but made completely well-- as if we never even had our messes in the first place!

The Twelve Women of the Bible Group Study unearths fresh insights for our lives from women who lived thousands of years ago. In this short 6 week group Bible study, based on the bestselling devotional Women of the Bible, you'll meet these twelve women who encountered God and whose lives were forever changed! You'll see how God drew them to Himself, as they struggled to live with faith in a world filled with trials. And you'll see how their lives, though lived long ago, speak with fresh relevance to the issues in our lives today. 


The group will meet weekly Wednesday mornings on the Main Line from 9:30-11:30 starting October 7,  and will run for 6 weeks at 140 Sugartown Road Devon, PA.

*Class is not limited to young moms, ALL are welcome!

Order your Participant's Guide now! (They are available in both hard copy and digital versions): - ‪ - ‪ - ‪



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