Beginning Sunday, March 9, the Main Line campus of Liberti Church will transition our worship services across Rosemont College’s campus to the brand new Rotwitt Theater (formerly known as the McShain Auditorium)! This move will offer our church several important upgrades.

We’re going to have more, and better, space for families. All of our kids’ classrooms will be in the same building as our worship space, instead of being scattered between two buildings. And, we’ll have more space to expand classes for kids.

We’re going to have better space for community. In our new location, we’ll be able to offer coffee hour in a refurbished lobby area directly adjacent to our worship space, instead of having to use a building across the street.

We’re going to have room for friends and neighbors. Ultimately, our church is making this transition for our friends and neighbors. We’re committed to always making space to welcome friends and neighbors to Liberti Church, and we’re simply out of room in the Chapel, where we currently worship. While we’ll miss the aesthetic of the Chapel, we will enjoy a greatly refurbished room to worship in, and plenty of room to continue to welcome people into the Liberti community.

You can see some renderings of the new Rotwitt Theater below. Click here to find a campus map. Invite a friend to join us, as we celebrate God’s growing work in our new home on March 9!