Dear Friends & Members of Liberti Church,

As we ready for summer, I’d like to have a conversation with you about our church’s financial status. With less than a month left in our current fiscal year, on present trends, we’ll finish the year with a budget deficit of $47,000. Our expenses as a church have been right on target with our budget projections, but our giving has lagged behind our goals by about 4.67%.

UPDATE (June 17, 2014): Thank you, Liberti Church, for your response - we currently have approximately $63,000 left to raise by the end of June in order to meet our budget.

As an organization, we depend on your financial partnership in Liberti Church’s mission and service. We needed to expand the budget significantly this past year to address our church’s growth, and our community has actually grown substantially in funding the mission God has called us to, but we need to work together to finish the fiscal year well, so we are ready to tackle all the ministry and opportunity ahead of us.

How can I help?
First, pray. Pray with expectant faith that God would provide financially for what he’s doing at Liberti Church. And pray that God would continue to use Liberti to express his love, grace, and generosity in the region and across the world!

Second, consider how you can give. Consider how you can invest in what God’s doing at Liberti financially to help us finish the year well. If you are a Christian who attends Liberti Church and you have not yet begun to give joyfully, generously, and regularly to the church, now is a great time to start!  For those of you who have begun a pattern of giving, would you prayerfully consider giving generously to help our church during this strategic time? There are several ways you can give; to find the giving option right for you, simply click here.

Third, use this as an opportunity to grow. Join us on June 22, at 6:00 PM, at our Center City campus, for our annual congregational meeting. This will be an opportunity to see and hear how God is at work and how you can participate. If you’d like to listen to a sermon on the biblical value of giving, click here

Exciting days ahead…
We are at the threshold of an exciting season for Liberti Church. Over the summer months, there’ll be a full slate of discipleship groups, seminars, and connection events - all of which will enable hundreds of us to take first or next steps in connecting to Christ and each other at Liberti. We will do neighborhood movie nights, park cleanups, kids’ camps, and more to serve our neighborhoods. And we’ll launch into an exciting year as a church, featuring new ways to connect, grow, and serve, and the prospect of purchasing a permanent facility home for our Center City campus.

I cannot wait to be a part of this next season in the life of Liberti Church. I hope you’ll participate with me, as we celebrate what God is doing through our church.

Grace and Peace,
Jared Ayers
Preaching Pastor, Liberti Church
Ascension 2014