Now Christ is the only food of our soul, and therefore our heavenly Father invites us to Christ, that, refreshed by partaking of him, we may repeatedly gather strength until we shall have reached… immortality… just as bread and wine sustain physical life, so are souls fed by Christ.

—John Calvin

Our meals tell our stories; they mark our sacred moments. And it’s no different for the Christian family. At the Communion table, we eat and drink the good news of God’s grace in Christ! Here are a few resources to help deepen your engagement with the practice of Communion. It’s my hope these will help you arrive at the Table this Sunday hungry for God and thirsty for grace. See you there!



The Meal Jesus Gave Us- NT Wright.
This slender book by renowned biblical scholar and writer NT Wright is a succinct exploration of the biblical themes behind the practice of Communion, and it also wisely engages many of the practical questions we have about how to engage in it.

Have We Misunderstood the Lord’s Supper? podcast interview- Todd Billings.
Todd is a theologian and a friend of mine; this is an interview he did recently based on his recent book on the Lord’s Supper.