This January and February, we’re reflecting on the practices of Christian faith through the lends of the Exodus story in Scripture. Whether you’re someone who’s just beginning to explore Christianity, or you want to grow and develop your life with God, I hope this series, and this season at Liberti, is a rich and helpful one for you. To that end, each week I’ll be posting some recommended resources- books, a video or podcast, an app- to help you press the practice we’re exploring on Sunday into your Monday-through-Saturday life. Enjoy, and join us on this journey!

—Jared Ayers


The Journey- Alister McGrath.
Alister McGrath is a leading theologian at Oxford University, and this book is a warm and wise invitation to the Christian journey using the Exodus story, as well as the stories of famous Christians through history, as a map and guide. 

Leaving Egypt: Finding God in Wilderness Places- Chuck DeGroat. 
Chuck DeGroat is a professor, writer, therapist, and good friend to Liberti Church. In this book, he weaves together the story of the Exodus with his insights on how people grow into a life of union with God in Christ. Chuck’s also written a whole series of blogs based on his book, which you can check out here.