Water cleanses, purifies, refreshes, sustains;
and Jesus Christ is Living Water.
—from the “Order for Baptism”, Reformed Church in America

You can’t tell the story without water. The water of baptism tells the story of God’s cleansing grace to us in Christ. Below here is a selection of articles to help you engage the practice of baptism- and, my favorite film depiction of baptism, just for fun. 

—Jared Ayers


Baptism Primer- this is a brief orientation to the Scriptural meanings of the sacrament of baptism.

A Primer on Infant Baptism- this is a brief piece we put together to help you explain the Scriptural, historical, and spiritual logic of why the Church baptizes her children.

A Letter to Young Parents- James K.A. Smith- This fictitious letter to two new parents by philosopher James K.A. Smith vividly depicts the Gospel promises of baptism offered to children baptized in the church community.