Grace to you!

Much of the correspondence between church communities in the New Testament starts and ends with these kinds of sentiments- “grace to you!” “Grace be with you!” As we’re full-swing into a vibrant ministry year, our finance team and board wished to share this financial update with you in that spirit- as people who share in Jesus’ grace together, and are sharing Jesus’ grace with the city, the region, and the world…

Finance Update: July 2017-January 2018

Our fiscal year begins in July; below in this email (see button below), you can find a finance update of Liberti’s finances through January 2018 (just over half our budgetary year). A few high-level highlights:

  • 10 individuals & households began financially partnering w/ Liberti’s ministry this year so far, and 138 total folks in our community have invested in what God’s doing through our church- thank you for being a part of what God’s doing through Liberti!

  • As of the end of January, we’re 11% behind our projected giving goals for the year, which is equivalent to $80,000.

  • As church leadership, we’ve taken a number of steps to reduce ministry expenses for the remainder of the year, with plans for Liberti’s expenses to be under our budgeted expectations by at least $50,000.

Grace for others

Would you consider how you could partner with our community to reach more people with Jesus’ grace? Maybe you could begin a pattern of fiscal partnership; maybe you could grow your giving, or start a scheduled recurring donation to Liberti.  You can find more info on ways you can give here.

Whatever it looks like for you, we’re grateful for you being a part of offering Jesus’ grace to so many people around the corner, and around the world. Grace to you!

In Christ,

Jared Ayers, for Liberti’s elder board & finance team