Welcome to Fall 2017, Liberti Church!

As the summer slowdown- vacations, grilling, beach trips- is about to tip into the frenzy of fall- back to school, work, projects- I’m saying about you what the apostle Paul said to his church community in the ancient city of Colossae: “[I] can’t quit thanking God our Father and Jesus our Messiah for you!” (Colossians 1:3-4 MSG) Liberti Church, I can’t quit thanking God for you!

Last year featured beautiful moments for us as a church that I thank God for: we began serving a meal to homeless neighbors every single week, and served over 1,000 different people and saw 50+ people placed into permanent housing.  We tried an Easter Egg hunt to connect with neighbors on the Main Line, and over 500 people joined us. During the Lent season, we pulled together 60+ Christian churches and organizations in our region to raise over $100,000 to distribute 6,000 meals to hungry families for Easter and provide 1,500 clean water filters to communities in South Sudan who lack clean water access.  There were classes on Augustine of Hippo, race & Christian faith, the book of Galatians, and more.  You threw parties, shared dinners, hosted outdoor movies for families.  For all this and more, I can’t quit thanking God for you!

This past year also had some painful moments. There were staff transitions of folks we love.  And we had a significant financial crisis in the middle of the year.  But, God was at work in the hard moments as well as the happy ones, and you responded in dramatic fashion.  Dozens of you began to financially partner with Liberti for the first time this past year.  Over a hundred of you began to serve in the church for the first time this past year.  We made important changes to how we communicate our financial information, and restructured our staffing to better connect with new guests and care more faithfully for church members.  And, as you can see in the attached report, because of the way you generously and sacrificially gave, we actually finished our fiscal year in June having had the best financial year we’ve ever experienced! Liberti, I can’t quit thanking God for you!

I can’t wait for the year ahead at Liberti: we’ll be starting new groups and new kinds of groups this fall, and offering more classes, lectures and conversations to help you stretch and grow in faith than we ever have before.  We’re rebooting our kids’ ministry so that it’s more engaging, fun, and formative for Liberti’s littlest members. Our ministry to neighbors in need is growing, both in the city and on the Main Line. 

I want you to be in on all that God’s doing around here! So, find a group this fall and meet some friends.  Come to a class to have your faith stretched and formed.  Bring a friend with you to church who needs the good news of Jesus’ grace.  Give, and give generously to what God’s doing at Liberti, knowing that you’re making an investment that’s strategic and eternally far-reaching.  So, jump into Liberti this year with me!

I can’t quit thanking God for you, 

Jared Ayers
Sr. Pastor, Liberti Church