A Message from Jared

Dear Liberti Center City Families and Kids' Ministry Leaders, 

One of my favorite moments as I sit in the pews Sunday by Sunday and worship with you is the happy stampede that happens when we take a moment to greet each other and all of our children rush through the sanctuary doors to Liberti Kids for childrens’ worship and teaching. 

I smile at this, week by week, because it’s a signpost of what God’s doing at Liberti.  When we started in 2009, 2/5 of the children at Liberti shared my last name, and we held childcare for all of them in a dingy little closet. But, by God’s grace, today, there are regularly more babies and children in our worship services than there were total people when we launched!

I wanted to take a moment to make you aware of an opportunity to support this growing part of our church.  Due to the growth of families at Liberti’s Center City campus, we currently need to use more space Sunday by Sunday for Liberti Kids than we were able to renovate when we completed Phase 1 of the FBC building renovation a year and a half ago.  As a result, several of the classes we use for the Liberti community’s littlest members, and several of the bathroom spaces we use for children, are in various stages of disrepair and in need of a facelift.  

As a church, we care deeply that when you invite your friends to church, their children be welcomed warmly, be well cared for, and be kept safe and secure.  This fall, we’ve substantially multiplied our volunteer teams for childrens’ ministry, enhanced our security strategy to keep our kids safe at church, and overhauled our kids’ ministry format and programming so that it’s more engaging.  We want to take care of some necessary repairs this winter to allow us to become more welcoming to our friends and neighbors, and to care better for our littlest members.

The needed renovations we’re targeting to undertake this winter will include repairing several of the Sansom St. windows in classes on the Community Room level of our building, doing electric work so that kids’ classes on that level are comfortable and inviting, and refurbishing bathrooms used for children adjacent to the Community Room.  We’d also install new doors on that level of the building to enhance security, so that we can lock off that part of the building when kids’ classes are in session, just as we do for classes on the lower level of the building.  In total, we need to raise $60,000 for this vision to become a reality.

I’d like to invite you to join us for a brief meeting over coffee after worship on December 10th, where we’ll share more information about this project, and give you the chance to ask questions and offer your input.  And, I’d love to invite you to consider, in addition to financially partnering with Liberti’s mission and ministry this December, supporting this project financially so that can extend the welcome and care of Jesus to kids that Jesus loves so much!

Thanks for being a part of Liberti, and for loving our littlest members!

Grace and Peace, 

Jared Ayers