If you attend our Center City campus, you’ve likely noticed some additional boxes and things around our building over the last weekend or two; that’s because we have a new renter!  We announced in worship on Aug. 28 that Philadelphia Classical School is going to be renting space with us for this upcoming academic year.  PCS is a school started a few years ago, and our church has been significantly involved and invested in it- a number of leaders and staff are part of our church, several families have kids in the school.  They were in need of space for this year, and so we’ve offered them space in our building for the year.  We’ll receive a measure of rental income on space in the building that isn’t heavily used during those times during the week, too, which is helpful for Liberti.


We’re happy to be helpful to PCS as a church; at the same time, we know that there are numbers of you who are principals, teachers, donors, staffers, and involved parents in other public, private, charter schools- and we’re thrilled for that, too.  Liberti isn’t a “Christian school church”; we’re a “Christians who love schools” church.  Education is a big need in Philadelphia; we believe that matters to God and Christians should be involved in serving families and educating kids in lots of different ways for the sake of the whole city’s flourishing.

So, welcome PCS and pray for them as they start their year!