On May 22nd, we had our church’s Annual Meeting.  

If you were unable to join us, we celebrated God’s work at Liberti in so many peoples’ lives over the past year, offered a financial update, and presented the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year (which begins July 1). Take a look below at the ministry highlights, financial reports, and ways that you can consider further joining in the mission of Liberti Church!

Click here for some of the ministry highlights of our last year!                                                    

Also, take a look at this video from Pastor Jared to catch a glimpse of the ministry growth over this past year!

*Our financials our audited annually by a third party auditing firm.

Liberti Church relies on the generous support of those who share in its ministry to sustain and further its mission.

To read a full review of our financials and the budget proposal for next year, which was presented at the Annual Meeting, please click here.

Our expenses for this fiscal year have been below budget, but our giving has been further below the projected need.  And so, as we close out this fiscal year (July 2015-June 2016), we are in need your financial partnership. If you are a member, or are someone who desires to further invest yourself at Liberti, we invite you to give financially to assist in bridging the deficit gap that exists for this fiscal year. With your help, we can reduce the gap and allow our church to move into a new fiscal year with financial strength and the capacity to continue expanding our ministry.

We will be providing an opportunity to affirm the proposed budget on Sunday, June 19th during our worship services.


At Liberti Church, we are at a pivotal moment. We are a church starting our 8th year of ministry to the city and region, and have seen significant growth in ministry opportunities. God has led our church into a place of amazing possibilities with a renewed facility, growing and expanding ministry to families at both campuses, and a long-term vision to serve the city and region with the good news of Jesus.

Many of you have shared in the exciting story of ministry and lives being transformed over the years. 

We invite you to join us in this next year of ministry.  There are some tangible ways that we are requesting your help, for the good of our whole church, and ultimately for the good of our city and region.


  • Pray with our whole church, and discern what part you can play in further engaging into serving and giving to further the mission of Liberti Church.
  • Begin giving, or grow your grow your investment financially in the ministry of Liberti. To read more about the Christian practice of tithing and generous giving, you can click here.
  • If you haven’t yet begun to serve regularly at Liberti, plan to sign up to serve on a Sunday team, a Mercy team, or a Kids’ Ministry team. Click here to sign up to contact Liberti's Administrator.

Join us on June 19th, to affirm the proposed budget during our worship service.