It may be that when Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the doors of Wittenburg Chapel he was just trying to have only been trying to protest the excesses of the Mideval Catholic Church. He was also trying to bring the word of God and the gift of grace to the everyday person.

A one-time protest is not enough. The people of God must continue to re-present the story of Jesus to a changing world.

Or, as Karl Barth famously said, the church reformed Church must always be reforming according to the Word of God.

We at Liberti Church  are proud to be partnering with Missio Alliance to host “Young, Wrestling, and Always Reforming: The Mission of God and the Continuing Reformation of the Church,” May 3-4 in Philadelphia, a discussion on what it means to be both Reformed and reforming today. We’ll learn from the likes of Peter Choi (Newbigin House of Studies), Tod Bolsinger (Fuller Seminary), Carolyn Custis James (WhitbyForum), Cherith Fee Nordling (Northern Seminary) as well as other Reformed pastors and practitioners.

Helping the Church to be reformed, according to the Word of God is central to who we are at Liberti Church. Join us in this important endeavor by registering today
here .

Hurry! Prices go up April 18.