New Ministry
A new addition to the Liberti Staff, Meade Baker, accepted the position of Youth & Family Director for Liberti Main line & Center City in late October (check out his bio here ). We now have a small group study for teens and ongoing activities happening with our Main Line middle school and high school students.

Grand Opening
In December we had our grand opening and celebration for the renovated center city church building.  Our new space hosts newer and cleaner kids rooms and coffee hour area, a chapel for First Baptist worship and midweek gathering space for Liberti. We have upgraded to new bathrooms, ADA compliance throughout, and new utilities (electrical, heating & air-conditioning, and plumbing).  

In December, Jon Wise stepped out of his worship director position, due to ongoing chronic health issues.  We’re disappointed that Jon is unable to continue in his full-time role at Liberti, but he, Jen, and their family will continue to be a part of our church community, and he will continue to work on our design, media, and web efforts as a church, as well as leading worship periodically as a volunteer.  He’s started a media and web business, as well, and we’re excited for his new venture!

Joyful Christmas Eve Celebrations
At both of our campuses, we enjoyed the anticipation of the Advent season with full celebration during our Christmas Eve Services.  We were glad to welcome the most people we have ever seen at these services!

New Growth Opportunities
Over the course of the next several months the Liberti staff will be announcing new opportunities and resources for our ongoing spiritual formation as a congregation.  Check out the “Wholeheartedness Seminar” happening on March 4th & 5th, and watch for more opportunities on the way!

Find your place to Serve
As our congregation continues to grow, there are more opportunities to serve in varied ways.  To explore how you can use your gifts, check out the serving team options here or contact Sarah Lewis.  

Thank you for covenanting with us for the Gospel.

Mike Harder, executive pastor


FINANCE UPDATE Through the second quarter of our fiscal year, starting in July of 2015 (see the chart below for more details). 

Giving was close to $518,000.  Up 7.4% compared to last year. We are thankful that December was a significant month of giving as we closed out the calendar year. 

Expenses were $527,000.  Up 7% compared to last year, but below our budgeted spending for this quarter. We project to remain below our budget in spending for the remainder of the fiscal year, as we desire for our giving to continue to grow, and seek to develop more reserve.

At the completion of the second quarter, our giving is still slightly behind our expenses. 

I have two important requests of us as a congregation:

First, if you have pledged to our For The City initiative, please continue to give as you promised. The renovation work is near complete, and the remainder of the expenses are coming due.

Second, Liberti has never been in the position to have a ministry reserve that would let us be unexpectedly generous. If you are an In-Covenant member but not partnering financially with Liberti, would you consider starting a monthly offering and joining us in funding the mission of this church?

For those of you who do give, are you in a position to significantly increase your gifts to Liberti?  I wonder if you might consider doubling your giving level this year.

As a reminder, you can easily give to Liberti through the weekly offering plates, our website online, through your own online bill pay, or by providing a donation of stocks or securities through our brokerage account at Charles Schwab.

We’re committed to our mission to be the presence of Christ here, we trust one another to fund the mission, and we hope we all get the chance to be unexpectedly generous.

Thank you!