Jesus came on cold straw, Jesus was warmed by the breath of an ox.  “Who is this?” the world said.  “Who is this blue-cold child and this woman, plain as the winter?  Is this the Word of God, this blue-cold child?  Is this his will, this plain-winter woman?”  The world said, “Love cuts like the cold wind and the will of God is plain as the winter.  Where is the summer will of God?”
-Flannery O’Connor, from The Violent Bear It Away

“Who is this?”  Between the ever-presence of schmaltzy muzak and calendars crammed full of work parties, family engagements, and gatherings with friends, it’s easy to miss the staggering surprise of the Christmas announcement: that, in a helpless infant born to a poor refugee family, God has entered the world to rescue it.  This Advent and Christmas at Liberti, we’ll be listening to some of the first responses to the Christmas Gospel- teenage fiancees, angels, and emperors that all wonder, “Who is this?”  Whether you’re skeptical of Christian faith, or are a seasoned follower of Jesus, we invite you to join us on Sundays as we’re surprised, challenged, and provoked by looking at Jesus and asking, “Who is this?”

Miss a week of this series?  Want to listen to past sermons in this series?  You can listen online or download sermon audio from this series here.

Watch for the Light- This book features readings, reflections, sermons, and poetry from sage followers of Jesus throughout history and across the globe; this book will help you wonder and ponder the mystery of God’s coming among us in Christ.

Liberti Advent & Christmas prayerbook- Advent & Christmas are the perfect time to begin or renew a life of Christian spiritual practices.  So, we put together this user-friendly daily order of Scripture and prayers to help you engage God during this season, and it also includes reflections from several people in the Liberti community to provoke and comfort you with the Christmas good news. Available to download in a variety of formats November 29, 2015.