I grew up in a Christian home and from early on in my childhood, my parents taught me about God. When I was about 5 years old, I remember asking my parents to help my ask Jesus into my heart. Several years later, I was baptized at my home church. I chose to attend a private Christian college where I learned much more about making my faith my own instead of my parents'. Recently, I've come to think of my faith in Jesus as less of a before and after and more of a journey where I desire to follow and serve him each day. I can't say that I do a good job of it every day, but with His help I have faith that tomorrow I will honor and glorify Him. The thing that excites me about Liberti is the intentional nature of this church. When I first visited, I was struck but the teachings which were strongly rooted in the Bible, yet were so applicable to my every day life. This teaching was juxtaposed with a community of believers who gather weekly to worship God through songs and liturgy. Liberti has been a place where I feel at home, and even thought I am away from my family, I have felt so welcomed and rooted through being a part of weekly services, a home group, and various outreaches and projects. This sense of belonging has grounded me so that I have been able to grow over the past few years.

I developed my faith in Christ as a young child listening to my mother read me bedtime stories from a children’s Bible. Christ was as much a part of my young life as breathing, but things were not to remain so simple. My mother was a spiritual “seeker,” whose strong desire to know God took us on a wild ride as she explored all kinds of mainstream religions, as well as alternative ways of discerning God. As a result of my mother’s journey, my spiritual life as a child was often confusing and even disorienting. Yet one thing was unmistakably clear - my mother’s powerful recognition that God is not only real and alive, but present in this world and eager to engage with those who seek Him. What I learned from my mother is that faith in God is not passive, but requires action. After all these years, I am only beginning to understand the depth and magnitude of Christ’s message, and the path he set before us. I have attended Liberti Church regularly for the past three years, although I never had any intention of joining Liberti, or any other church. My experience was that churches were too confining, too rigid, and that rather than fostering spiritual growth, they often thwarted it. Yet, there is something powerful about Liberti Church that draws me in, and compels me to come again. I cannot say for certain why I - a church averse person, am joining Liberti today. But I can say that what I have experienced here in this church gives me the confidence to take this step, and to accept Christ’s invitation to “come and see.”

I came to faith in Jesus when I was a sophomore in high school through the ministry of Young Life. I feel incredibly grateful that God brought me to faith so early in my life, as I have experienced true, abundant joy as a part of the larger church body. My faith compels me daily to reach out in my local community and the world in tangible ways, to communicate the truth, hope and grace found in Jesus. God infuses purpose into life and this makes me excited to continue to walk closely with him. I am excited to continue serving with Emmanuel at Liberti and inviting neighbors and friends to Liberti to hear the transformative message of the Gospel.

I came to a true faith in Jesus during high school through the influence of college interns at the church I attended with my family.  It was the first time I got to see faith really lived out by someone I identified with and I wanted that for my own life. I see God’s guidance and protection all over my life. My faith motivates me in every aspect of my life, from work to hobbies, to how I spend my money, my time and my future. I am excited to serve at Liberti through the worship team.

I was raised Catholic, but my true faith began to emerge at a pretty young age. When I was 7, I swore I saw Jesus in the church as my mother and I prayed outside while the church was closed. After that I always had a curiosity to learn more. As an adult however, I began to stray away only to be pulled back by God every time I went too far.  Once Paul and I met, we faced many obstacles. We were determined to find a church that was right for us and our future growing family. After several years of trying out different churches we found Liberti!  Liberti Church members welcomed us, the service fell within both our comfort levels, members offered us meals when Joshua was born, gave my niece and nephew an opportunity to join kids classes to learn about God's word, and so many more things. I am excited to become part of a community that will help Paul and I raise Joshua to be a Christian.

I was born & raised & baptized in the Catholic church. I can't say for certain when I came to Jesus, I just know that I've always had him in my heart and from my earliest age I have always knew, believed and trusted in Jesus. I am very  excited about joining Liberti because I needed a Christian family to fellowship and share Jesus. I don't have to do it on my own any longer - I was getting all of my sermons on the internet, which serves its purpose to a certain extent if using for the short term, but you really need a group to fully worship the Lord.

I accepted Christ at a young age simply wanting to be in God’s family. As I grew up, the reality of faith became evident to me through various means. Stages of doubt, fear and pain have led me closer to my savior. As I am molded, I become more in awe of the gospel and its power. The past couple years I have experienced even more grace and freedom through Christ. This prompts me to have a passion for sharing this truth with teenagers. Being a part of home group the past several months has been an answer to prayer - I love seeing the church active and multigenerational. I'm excited to be apart of the Liberti family and to invest my time here.

I was raised in a Christian family, but came to understand that I didn’t need to earn my salvation while I was attending a Christian camp my junior year of high school. After committing my life to Jesus, I began to live in a different way, wanting to be a part of God’s plan and what that meant for me. I also wanted to share what I learned about Jesus’ forgiveness and grace with others and began looking for those opportunities. I’m most excited about Liberti’s vision and missional intention on the communities that directly surround us in this city. I am very excited about what God will be teaching me in the future.
I was fortunate enough to have been raised in an amazing Christian family with many role models to look up to. During college, I served with Young Life and got involved in a Bible study with some of my peers. Serving with others and being in community changed the way I viewed my faith and my role in the world. I am excited to join Liberti’s efforts of effecting positive change on the communities and city that we live in. 

I grew up in the United Methodist Church in Tampa, Florida singing on Sundays as part of the worship team and member of the youth group. Their slogan was "Making God's Love Real,” and I realized that I wanted to live my life in such a way that emanated love at all times - a steadfast love found only in Jesus. I was an active member in campus ministries at Vanderbilt where I met Greg and felt God's faithfulness as I moved to NYC to pursue musical theater professionally. As I continue to figure out my professional calling, His love has guided me through every move, job change, and challenge. I am excited to see how my faith, service in music, and fellowship community may grow as I become in-covenant with Liberti and will strive to make Christ more of a cornerstone in my new marriage. 

I grew up in northern Kentucky outside of Cincinnati, OH in a big Catholic family. I grew up going to church and attending Catholic school - largely going through the motions without any real recognition of its meaning. As I got older and began attending college at Vanderbilt University, I met men and women, including my amazing wife Leslie, who were genuinely emulating Christ in their actions, desires, and life pursuits. I was motivated to have their joy, so I began to explore the man of Jesus more seriously, participate in campus ministries, and discover my faith in Him as my Savior. I am excited to join Liberti, a strong community that serves the city Philadelphia so well as I finish medical school at Jefferson. I hope that membership guides me to deepen my faith in Jesus, strive to center my new marriage on Christ, and enjoy the wonderful city of Philadelphia.

I was blessed to be raised by Christian parents who exposed me to the reality of the gospel from a very young age. Throughout high school and college there have been times where I have attempted to run from God, but he has always guided me back to him. Following Jesus means that I do not have to live in shame about my broken and messy life because he has died to take away that shame and renew my life. I can lean on him and allow him to guide me through the difficult and frustrating times of life. I am excited to be a member of Liberti because it is a church that welcomes questions and doubts and because I know that the loving community of believers here will support me through both times of joy and times of darkness.