I was raised in a Christian home and was taught about God's grace through faith at an early age, but my personal relationship with Christ has reached a new level this year thanks to Liberti. Without a relationship with Christ, I would be lost in so many ways.  He's a merciful father who loves us despite our faults. My wife and I are so excited to be part of such a vibrant and impactful community.

Raised by a single mother, there were a lot of unknowns throughout my childhood, yet the one thing that always remained constant was my faith. As I grew older, I faced struggles that led me to question my faith and yet continue to explore it deeper. Since becoming a wife and mother, my priorities in life have once again shifted and my relationship with Jesus has very naturally again become paramount, which has provided me with the greatest sense of calm I've ever felt in my life. I am excited about being a part of Liberti to strengthen my faith and spread God's word to my children and the people of Philadelphia.

I came to faith in Christ at 8 years old at a vacation Bible school, and I was baptized that same year. Salvation and being reconciled to God through Jesus has meant everything to me and my relationship with the Lord is the most important in my life. At Liberti, I'm most excited about all of the volunteer opportunities, because I believe that God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others. I also look forward to joining a home group, frequently meeting with the Body of Christ, and getting to know others who are in Him.

I came to know Jesus through my mother, who was a very strong Christian whom I respected more than anyone else. I watched and learned from her which made me realize there was more about Jesus Christ and being a Christian than I could ever imagine. Beginning a much closer walk with Jesus, I began to see the joy of life not without struggle, but the feeling of a unexplainable presence placed upon me. This presence has meant everything to me in my walk with Christ. I am extremely excited to become a member of Liberti Church because of its mission to help and serve the community of Philadelphia.

I came to faith in Jesus during college, when He taught me the power of selfless service through being a Young Life leader. He also retaught me the power of being a Father by giving me the church community which made me realize the importance of citizenship in God’s Kingdom. This has made a profound impact on my life because after college, I moved from my home in Colorado to complete a year of service with the AmeriCorps urban education program, City Year. I am most excited about being part of Liberti for the betterment of Philadelphia. I am most excited about Liberti because I believe that this community is answering God’s call to be His people.

Growing up in a church, I don't remember a time when I didn't know about Jesus and his offering of salvation to me. But it was in college and the years after, when I started to come to understand that the good news of the gospel wasn't just good news for those who had yet to believe, but good news for me today and in every hour yet to come.  Knowing Jesus has meant that I can begin to live in freedom, freedom from needing to manage my own reputation or construct my own identity, freedom to face the broken corners of my life, freedom to love those around me in risky ways, and freedom to relate candidly to a savior who I know delights in me. I'm excited to be part of the Liberti family, a community where my weary heart can be reminded again and again of the good news, and where I can join in the church's work to love the city of Philadelphia with that same good news. 

In the time since I have come to know Christ, I have seen him heal and pacify and bring light in places where there was great darkness. Truly this is the son of God. I loved the Word early, but was not raised in the church and could not distinguish its value among the other books and stories I read, loving them all equally. In 1999, in my late teens, I came to rough places. God in his wisdom put in my path a young man who I fought dragons and necromancers with on AOL of all places. Months had gone by and I hadn't seen him. As any good guildmaster would be, I was concerned about him. Then finally, he finally reappeared out of nowhere. I asked him where he'd been, and he said he was the last person to be pulled out alive from the Texas A&M bonfire collapse and had been asleep and then in recovery for months. He told me about Jesus Christ. And pointing me there, it was not long before I put that entire world behind me. As these things go, I never even knew his real name. I have been to many churches, and in Liberti, I have found true reverence for his life and works, and I am so glad for that.

I came to faith as a child raised in a Christian home. I came to love Jesus as a teenager involved in Young Life. I chose to follow Jesus as an adult when I accepted my brokenness and acknowledged the impact of sin in my life. I'm excited to join Liberti and serve our community and city.



Although I grew up in a home that took godly living very seriously and instilled in me great knowledge of the Christian faith, I didn't recognize my true need for a Savior because I didn't see the greatness of my own sin. As I have gotten older and learned more about myself, I have seen more and more how sinful I am. That realization has made the love and mercy of Jesus Christ in my life seem so much sweeter and greater to me. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to be a part of the Liberti family and am excited to see how God can use me here and challenge me in my walk with Him! 

I grew up in a Christian home and asked Jesus to be my savior at a young age, but it wasn’t until college until I started to take my faith seriously.  I learned that being a Christian and a Christ follower are two different things; and that was a very humbling wake up call for me life. I was very comfortable in a great church back in Pittsburgh and was extremely nervous about the church searching process when I got married and moved to the Main Line in April. However, thanks to God, it only took one church to see where God wanted my wife and I to be. Liberti has felt like home and I have developed a community here faster than I ever could have imagined. I am excited to continue to serve Liberti and our community!

Having grown up in a Christian home, I came to my faith as a small child, but I didn’t fully realize what true faith really meant. Through my youth, although I believed in the truth of the gospel, I never “felt” any differently because of my faith and often questioned if I was truly saved. While in college, I was challenged by many difficult life experiences and simultaneously growing in my knowledge of the Bible I found my faith to be my foundation. Without my relationship to Christ I would truly be lost today. I am so happy to have found a church family like Liberti. My wife and I are excited for our faith and family to grow with this church and look forward to our lives together.  

I came to know Christ as a little girl having grown up in a Christian home.  My faith in Christ has always been at the center of my life and a part of how I choose to live. I'm excited about becoming a part of a close church community where my husband and I can raise our family in a relationship with Christ.

My parents became Christians shortly before I was born, and introduced me to the Lord. Thus, I came to faith in Christ as a child. My view of faith can be summarized by C.S. Lewis, who said “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else." Put simply, I am excited about Liberti because I know that I can bring anyone - believers or skeptics - with me and feel as though they will be exposed to genuine Christianity.

Growing up in a Christian home, I first accepted Christ at a young age as my parents taught me about the Gospel and encouraged me to pursue Jesus. However, for most of my childhood I found my worth and  identity in being the "good Christian girl," thinking I could earn God's love by being nice and knowledgeable about Scripture. My faith journey has been one of gradual but continual transformation, as God has used people and events to change my heart and show me just how much I need his grace, each and every day. Although I used to view many spiritual disciplines, such as prayer, worship and study, as chores, God has taught me to value these and through them I have gained a more intimate relationship with him. I am excited to be a part of the Liberti community, as this honest group of believers seeks to worship, serve, and know God in all areas of our lives, not just on Sunday mornings.

I came to faith in Jesus when I was 12, after attending a week long Christian camp. It was there that I first came to understand the reality of what Christ had done for me on the cross and chose to give my life to him. My faith in Christ has led me to become an advocate for the poor and marginalized in our society; it has led me to believe and work towards a world that is characterized by the love of Christ. I look forward to becoming a member of a church community that is dedicated to serving and loving the surrounding community. As a part of this community I know I will be able to mentor and be mentored by fellow members in Christ.