Sean originally came to faith in Jesus at age 11 and was blessed with a strong spiritual foundation from his parents and grandparents.  Kirby came to faith through Sean's witness and the discipleship of a dear friend named Ginger who came alongside Kirby during Sean's first deployment to Iraq as a Marine in 2006-2007.  After Sean returned from his first deployment to Iraq in 2007, Kirby and Sean made the decision to be baptized together at First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, NC and make a formal dedication to live for Christ.  Our sincere hope is that we will raise our children Shane (8) and Kyla (3) in Christ's love and that our family can be living witnesses for our extended family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and the communities where the Lord sends us.  We are very excited to join Liberti because we believe it is a Church that truly connects with our sense of faith, fellowship, and core values.

I’m originally from Oahu, Hawaii and grew up in the church but began to drift away during high school. Two years ago, I came to college in Philly and from the moment I stepped off the plane God began drawing me back to himself. Through a college ministry and coming to Liberti, it’s been a time of gaining a deeper understanding of my beliefs and making my faith my own. I’ve become even more aware of His incredible grace and truly unfailing love. I’m most excited to become part of Liberti’s community as well as to serve Liberti and with Liberti in the city.

I was raised a Christian and put my trust in Jesus at a very young age. Though I knew the tenets of the faith, was extremely active in the church I grew up in, and attended Messiah college, it didn't become real until my early 20s. That's when I faced struggles and darkness in which I experienced God's grace in a real way. I now know that God's ultimate purpose through Jesus was to reclaim and restore this broken world which includes me. This has changed how I view myself and everyone around me. This has also lead me to Liberti. I look forward to spreading the news of God's grace in action and words. I have never become a member of church so this is a huge and exciting step for my faith journey.

I was raised in a Christian family and came to know Jesus at the age of seven. Despite spending both my childhood and adolescence in the church, I found myself relying less on God and more on my own strength and abilities throughout my college and early adult years. God, faith, and the church became a back up plan for me. As I aged and found myself faced with increasing tragedy in my personal life, it became easier to blame God and separate myself from His community. God felt distant and I fell into a destructive pattern of unhealthy habits and relationships. It wasn’t until I witnessed God’s redemptive love and grace moving through these difficult times that I realized He was never distant. His steadfast love and mercy was always there for me. Each day, I’m learning to let go a little more, trust Him, and receive His love into my life. I’m excited to continue this spiritual growth within the Liberti community and live out His love through service.