What our church does on Sundays, and what the Church around the world does in cathedrals, storefronts, huts, and sanctuaries, is strange. A group of people standing to sing songs together; reading prayers; listening to words from an old, old book; taking bits of bread and wine - if you stop to think about it, these are mystifying rituals. Yet, when we worship, we narrate and celebrate the story of what God’s done in Jesus Christ to renew us and enable us to live flourishing human lives.

Join us on Sundays in January and February as we explore how worship tells us the story of what God’s done for us and the world.  

First Baptist Church 
123 S. 17th St.
Philadelphia, PA
9:30 AM Worship
11:00 AM Coffee Hour

Rosemont College - Chapel
1400 Montgomery Ave.
Rosemont, PA
10:15 AM Coffee Hour
11:00 AM Worship

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