1st Quarter 2013-14

We provide quarterly finance updates to provide a progress report on the financial state of the church as well as to provide an opportunity to invite you who are part of liberti church to participate in its ongoing life by financially partnering with us.

As a community gathered here, we take seriously the call to steward our resources well, and to invest them in what God is doing, so as to take part in his work ourselves.

We have just surpassed the first quarter of our church’s fiscal year, which started in July and ended in September. At the end of the first quarter we are running an $11k deficit for our actual income versus our actual expenses.

Our budget is built with the anticipation of growth in partnership over the course of the ministry year. So we continue to seek your ongoing participation.

There is much that we have to celebrate when we consider how God has been leading, providing, and sustaining the work of liberti church to serve his purposes.

Just this past Sunday, we celebrated the first birthday of our church as an established church, with its own set of elders & deacons. We cannot overlook how in just 4.5 years God has allowed a church to be established, with 2 campuses, one in Philly’s downtown, and one in the Main Line suburbs. We are a two-campus church seeking to live out a faithful presence of Jesus in this region.

As our church has gathered on Sundays, we have also gathered throughout the week in various locations in home groups. As those groups have started up this fall, we have seen the need for more groups to start in our downtown and on the Main Line. Where 4.5 years ago we had 3 groups, we will likely have 20 before Christmas. We are continuing to develop creative new ways to see people connect beyond Sunday morning. 

There is even more to celebrate as we consider the opportunity to invest in children & families at liberti church. We have seen exponential growth in our kids classes, where we started with 1 class, 4.5 years ago, to now having 8 classes across 2 campuses. On top of that, bible studies for middle schoolers and high schoolers have begun.


There is much to celebrate, and so much to thank God for. As we have sought to live out his faithful ways to our region, our efforts to recall how God has been faithful to us has functioned to stir up further energy, creativity, and desire to continue to do so. We know these efforts are this communities joint-effort, and an embodiment of a deep partnership we share with one another to fulfill the call to be a faithful presence of Jesus’ love and compassion for this region.

As we see all sorts of signs of growth in our community, we see the ongoing need for growth in this partnership.

Liberti is a church that thrives on the financial partnership of those that are part of it.
So, we will aim to challenge individuals and families to continue to explore what it means for you to have a plan for your giving, and that you do so generously and sacrificially so that the work of Jesus continues to move forward in this region through the joint-efforts of this growing community.

As we have just completed the 1st Quarter of our fiscal year, with an $11k deficit, we invite you to consider how you may participate.

And…As we look to the end of our calendar year, we encourage you to consider liberti church as you look to make any tax-deductible donations.

We take joy in serving together to spread the good news of Jesus and take part in God’s work.  As we pray, serve, and give of what we have, God leads us into his mission together.

Let me point you to the four ways to give to Liberti:

- the first is during our time of offering, which happens during our worship service.
- secondly, through online giving
- thirdly, through online bill-pay with your financial institution, where you schedule a check to be cut and mailed to our P.O.Box.
- finally, through donations of stocks, bonds, or securities to a brokerage account we have with Charles Schwab.

For more information on how to participate in giving to Liberti, please visit our website by simply clicking on the giving tab on the home page.