Liberti Church believes that physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial care is best experienced in the context of relationship, so our desire is to walk with those who are facing challenging circumstances in their life. Below you will find the following avenues of care provided by Liberti Church.

deacon support

Liberti's deacons are a team of elected and ordained, non-staff men and women who work to lead the church in expressing the care and compassion of Christ to the city, region and world. 

Do you have a social, emotional, physical, financial or spiritual need? Liberti's deacons desire to serve those who are in crisis or challenging circumstances. Deacons provide tangible assistance, encouragement and prayer. Complete the confidential form below and a deacon is ready to come along side you.

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Counseling Resources 

Are you seeking professional counseling care to address a specific issue in your life? We've compiled a list of recommended Christian counselors in the surrounding area that can help in your search to find the right counselor to meet your needs.

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Benevolence Fund

Liberti Church has a benevolence fund set aside to be able to provide financial assistance for rent, food, counseling, medical assistance, utilities, and other expenses for members of our church or regular attenders in crisis. Please complete this confidential form if you are in need of financial support and a team of deacons will review your request and reach out to you once the request has been received. 

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talk to a pastor

Are you in need of pastoral care? Would you like to talk to a pastor about faith and Christian practice? Would you like a pastor to pray over you? Please complete this confidential form if you would like to be connected to one of our pastors.

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*The contents of this site are confidentially monitored by our pastoral staff and deacons*

If this is a physical or medical emergency please call 911. If you are considering or have thoughts of suicide please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255