My name is Jon. I am a christian and graduated college last year. I'm looking for 2 roommates at the apartment I'm renting for the upcoming year. I'm generally quiet, cook a lot but do my best to keep the kitchen and apartment clean and be as considerate of my roommates as possible. The details for the unit are below.

- $617/person including water (w/internet and electric, total ~$670/person)
- 2 available bedrooms, each with their own bathroom (shower, toilet and sink), small shelving space in each bedroom
- Shared kitchen
- Gated building with security code
- Free street-side parking on apartment block and on surrounding streets, parking spots for rent available on building premises 
- Rent from September 1st, 2019 to August 31st 2020

Contact : Jon Rice, contact via text, phone or email: (847) 513-1523;ricejon7@gmail.com