What other time or season can or will the Church ever have but that of Advent!
--Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics

Christmas hath a darkness
Brighter than the blazing noon, 
Christmas hath a chilliness 
Warmer than the heat of June,
Christmas hath a beauty
Lovelier than the world can show: 
For Christmas bringeth Jesus, 
Brought for us so low.
-Christina Rossetti, from the poem “Christmas Eve”

Advent. The word means “coming,” or “arrival.” Mostly, it means to many of us, calendars promising daily gifts- trinkets, chocolates, whiskey- as we race through the month of December. For followers of Jesus, the season of Advent is when the Christian community reflects on what it means to live between Jesus’ arrivals: we look back in celebration at Jesus’ birth among us, and strain forward in hope toward the his promised future arrival among us to make all things new. In one way, the whole life of a Christian is lived in Advent. 

This December, we’ll reflect on the arrival of Jesus through the eyes of many of the characters who waited for him, welcomed him, worshipped him, hated him, celebrated him. So, whether you’re a longtime follower of Jesus, or only beginning to explore Christian faith, join us as we explore the characters of Christmas to experience the arrival of Jesus in your own life

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Advent- Fleming Rutledge.
This book by author and acclaimed preacher Fleming Rutledge is a bracing, vivid collection of writings and sermons on the once and future coming of Jesus Christ.

Christmas Poems-
Poetry wakes us up, opens our eyes, puts us in contact with mystery; and this collection of Christmas poems, hymns, and carols from the Everyman Pocket Poets Library pictures vividly the beauty, irony, and mystery of the birth of Christ.