Listen to your life. See it for the fathomless mystery it is. In the boredom and pain of it, no less than in the excitement and gladness: touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden heart of it, because in the last analysis all moments are key moments, and life itself is grace.

-Frederick Buechner, from Now and Then: A Memoir of Vocation

The book of Ruth is an ancient novella about ordinary lives. It’s a striking short story: set in a violent time in the ancient Near East, there are no murders, no villains.  Rooted in a tribal culture, its namesake character is a racial and ethnic outsider.  Located in a patriarchal culture, the story of Ruth centers on the devotion, courage, and love of women. Situated in holy Scripture, the book of Ruth contains no miracles, no razzle-dazzle divine interventions.  Ruth shows God at work in ordinary lives, God present in pain and lament, God behind the scenes in life and love. Ultimately, Ruth is a gospel: it shows us the good news of God in the stuff of human life- and ultimately, in Jesus Christ!

So, whether you’re a longtime Christian or band-new to considering faith, join us to listen to the Gospel according to Ruth, and experience God at work in the stuff of your own loss, life, and love.

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The Gospel of Ruth: Loving God Enough to Break the Rules- Carolyn Custis James
Carolyn Custis James is a speaker, author, and theologian who takes a fresh, informed, and bracing look at the well-worn story of Ruth, with an eye for how God works through women, meets us in lament and loss, and orchestrates our relationships.