Since Emmanuel Ministry moved from serving a healthy, hot meal twice a month to every Saturday, God has blessed this joint ministry of Liberti Church and First Baptist Church. The fruit is evident. Consider that since September 2016, Emmanuel has served close to 900 different guests who are experiencing homelessness. That means more than 3,000 meals have been prepared in Liberti Center City’s commercial kitchen and served to our guests.

Equally important, Emmanuel has helped 40 people find a place to sleep at night. Forty people who might previously have been walking the streets now have a place to go. This is all the result of Liberti’s connections with Bethesda Project – an agency with 13 sites in Center City that provides emergency shelter, housing and supportive housing to men and women experiencing homelessness. In the fall, Bethesda Project began sending its Director of Intake, Misty Sparks, to Emmanuel’s Saturday meal. During the meal, our guests are invited to meet with Misty to talk about their needs. As a result of those conversations, more than 40 people have been placed in shelters, supportive housing or permanent housing.

The leadership team of Emmanuel is really pleased with how the partnership with Bethesda is growing. We are praying about how we can expand engagement services with Bethesda Project. Some of those ideas?

• How about a place for our friends to get a shower and wash their clothes?

• Can we provide them with a postal address so they can receive mail?

• Are there other support services we could offer?

We ask you, Liberti Church and our other friends of Emmanuel, to be praying that God directs the path we take. You can find out more about Bethesda Project at And if you want to know what happens in our beautiful kitchen every Saturday, please stop by!

What happens at Emmanuel?
Emmanuel is a 99.9% volunteer effort. The goal is to give our guests a respite from the streets – a safe place where they know people care about them. We invite them in for a healthy, hot meal. We always offer a brief mediation on Scripture. (This month Vito Baldini, Pastor of Mercy Ministries for Liberti, is teaching how to pray using the Lord’s Prayer.) And after the meal, they’re invited to stay to attend a Bible study or watch a movie. For about three hours, our guests are safe, in a comfortable environment, and treated with the dignity and love that Jesus commands.

If you are interested in coming this week, or any other week, please contact head chef Matt Soldano at

Head Chef Matt Soldano and his wife, Mary, prepare lasagna. The chef cooking each Saturday for Emmanuel must plan and cook a meal that will feed upward of 120 people.

Members of the Liberti family in Center City and the Main Line came together on a recent Saturday to serve our guests at Emmanuel.