March 1, 2017
Easter Outreach
Sawyer Water Filters & South Sudan

by Steve Roese
President, Water is Basic

Its official, parts of South Sudan are experiencing famine. More than 275,000 children are very, very hungry and malnourished. Crops have not been planted and those still poking out of the ground aren’t being harvested. Something very rare in our lifetime is now taking place: a human-made food crises. At its worst, a lack of forgiveness yields what seems to be the end of life and hope.
It takes you and I, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters thousands of miles away, to help them get through this crisis and to restore hope. When the words famine and genocide are used, certain responses are required of the world. Humanity is at risk, and we – by our own humanity and inter-connectedness – are required to respond...

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