March 15, 2017
Easter Outreach
Celebrating Easter in East Falls: Metro Pres

by Donny Cho

"The Easter Outreach movement began years ago by members of Liberti East who desired to demonstrate the grace of God in their neighborhood in a practical way during the Lenten season. Since then, over 50 churches have partnered in this monumental effort to bring meals to over 5,000 families annually throughout our glorious city to celebrate the gift of Easter.

Metro Presbyterian Church first had the opportunity to serve in this ministry in 2015 as a mere donor; by the time they heard about the opportunity, it was practically Easter, and the most they could do was provide a small gift. However, in 2016, 35 members of Metro jumped at the opportunity to serve⎯and partnered with 5-6 other churches in their direct vicinity to pack meals, pray with one another, and be sent out in groups of three to distribute meals within their tri-borough zip codes (East Falls-Manayunk-Roxborough)..."

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