Ave Crux, spes unica. 

Hail Cross, our only hope. 

 -Edith Stein

The cross is the most familiar symbol in the world: crosses decorate buildings, hang from necklaces, feature in oil paintings and sculpture, are tattooed into the collegiate flesh of spring-breakers.  Ironically, in the ancient world, the cross was universally recognized, too- but no one saw a cross and thought or felt anything inspiring or uplifting.  The cross, in the world in which Jesus of Nazareth lived, was an execution instrument, the most shameful and degrading kind of capital punishment. 

And yet, the Christian movement spread the world claiming that the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth was good news (“gospel”) for the whole world.  Christians believe that the cross of Jesus Christ is the only lens through which we can understand God, ourselves, and our lives.  So this Lent, we will be listening to selections from the Gospel of Mark and the writings of Paul in the New Testament to see how the cross of Christ makes deep and surprising sense of our lives.  So whether you’re just beginning to explore Christian faith, or are a longtime follower of Jesus, plan on joining us as we look through the lens of the cross at our identities, our relationships, our failures, and more!

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Looking Through the Cross- Graham Tomlin Liberti’s Lent series this year is adapted from this book; Tomlin is a wise guide whose thinking and writing on the cross of Jesus is substantive, fresh, and clear, all at once.  

Falling into Goodness- Chuck Degroat Chuck Degroat is a therapist, pastor, and professor who’s also a good friend to Liberti Church.  This book is a series of daily meditations and reflections to guide you through the Lent season.