When Jesus, for the sake of us all, became poor, we became rich; now, when people who follow him are ready to put their resources at his disposal, the world and the church may benefit, not only from the actual money but from the fact that when the Jesus-pattern of dying and rising, of riches-to-poverty-to-riches, is acted out, the power of the gospel is let loose afresh in the world,
and the results will be incalculable.

-N.T. Wright

A central symptom of a life, and a community, that has been transformed by God’s grace is joyful generosity.  This January and February at Liberti, we’ll be listening in to several episodes from the Gospel of Luke which depict how the Gospel- the grace of God expressed through Jesus Christ- makes us radically generous with our entire lives: our time, our relationships, our resources, our influence.  Whether you’re just beginning to take a chance on coming to church, or a lifelong Christian, you’re invited to join us to experience how grace transforms and liberates your whole life!

Out of town last weekend?  Want to listen in online?  Check out sermons from this series at our podcast here.


For this series, we’re utilizing a group study by Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York; here are a couple resources to help you go further and deeper…

Generosity Community Study Guide- During January and February, Liberti’s groups will be doing this Generosity group study together; you can check out groups to connect to here, or you can email Scott, and we’ll help you find the right group for you.  You can get your own copy of the group study here.

Generosity Daily Devotional- This 20-day daily devotional will immerse you in Scripture’s teaching on the nature of God’s grace, and how God transforms how you relate to everything you have; you can get your copy of the devotional here.