Everything we do at Liberti is driven by a compelling, God-sized mission: to live, speak, and serve as the very presence of Jesus in Center City and Main Line Philadelphia. Every single thing we do- worship services, groups, kids’ programs, local and global service partnerships- is all about extending the freedom of the Gospel to this place that God loves so much. And we want to invite you to join us in that vital mission this year.

All of Liberti’s ministry is funded by those in our community that partner with us financially to invest in our mission. We think there’s no more strategic investment opportunity than this: investing in Christ changing peoples’ lives, in our neighborhoods, and around the world.


This fall, some generous partners at Liberti are making your investment in our mission even more strategic: all new or increased giving commitments to Liberti for this ministry year will be matched up to $32,000!

Simply, this means that if you make the commitment to begin giving to Liberti, or increase your giving to Liberti, your investment will go twice as far!


Begin investing in Liberti’s mission! You can begin a regular giving commitment to invest in what God’s doing through Liberti this year. For a quick view to the ways to give at Liberti, click here. You can also look at the materials from our annual meeting in May 2018 that provide a view to the budget for 2018-19 and the ministry vision & dynamics for the current year.

Grow your investment in Liberti’s mission!  We’ve increased our budget by 10% for this ministry year to help both our campuses move forward in mission; if you’re already giving to Liberti, we’d love to invite you to consider growing your giving by 10% to help us meet that goal!


Please utilize this form to communicate your commitment for giving to Liberti Church over the course of this ministry year. We have generous donors who have provided matching grants for up to $32,000 of increased giving commitments over prior giving OR towards new giving.

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