No Main Line worship service at Rosemont College this Sunday, Feb. 18...

We're sorry to have to let you know that yesterday, we got word that PECO is going to be shutting down all power to Rosemont College this Sunday, Feb. 18, to do emergency electrical work. 

We've called around furiously to try to find a suitable alternate location, but simply couldn't find an alternate location that would work for our church's needs on such short notice. So, we're sorry to have to let you know that there will be no Main Line worship service at Rosemont College this Sunday.

We'd still love to see you!
That said, if you're a Main Line person, we'd still love to help you connect to God and connect to some other folks at Liberti this weekend! Here's a few different options for Sunday...

Join us in Center City... Join us in the city for our Center City campus worship service! Time, driving directions, and info for FREE PARKING for our service in Rittenhouse Sq. are here. As a bonus, the free parking is good all day long, so you could make a day of it in the city!

Join us online... We'll be broadcasting the sermon this coming Sunday on Facebook Live on our Facebook page, so if joining us in person won't work, you can join us virtually, either on Sunday morning, or this coming week!

Additionally, this Sunday kicks off the Lent season, in which we follow Jesus to the cross, remember his death, and then celebrate his resurrection at Easter. You can find resources to help you engage prayer, Scripture reading, and service during Lent here.

Join up with a group... Some of our Main Line groups are planning to gather for brunch, and spend some time praying together and watching the sermon together; we'd love to have you connect with a group this coming Sunday! 

We apologize for the inconvenience, would love to see you in some way or another this Sunday, and we'll see all of you from the Main Line next Sunday at Rosemont College!


—Jared Ayers