By Dan Tornetta
July 7, 2014

What’s a better way to start a blog out than with the location? Here we have the city of Philly summarized in three iconic images: The love statue, the water fountain, and the newly built Comcast building. For the record I have no clue who is posing under the statue. This is also the lock screen on my iphone. Now that you know everything about me lets venture forth!

A Bridge. At dusk. 

Dan Pic 3.jpg

To the left is me. To the right is Mrs. Seeger. We went to her house with the Philadelphia Project to assist in cleanup. The better word is remodel, because Mrs. Seeger tends to keep all items she encounters on a day in day out basis. She’s a chatty Cathy if you mention poetry, roses, birds, Edgar Allen Poe, and my favorite topic: Being a nudist. My summarization of the adventure: “She ain’t up for no small talk c’mon now!”

Everybody knows Mr. T. Well, here’s my new all-star from Cityteam. His name is Big T: Nickname origination and explanation? Big T = Big Teamplayer. And that's what you got right a here. A valuable asset to the grind, aka Cityteam, down in Chester. He’s my boy and I love him just about equal with how much I love Hoagie Day at Wawa.

Here we have Liberti’s own intern, Matthew Kaehler. I implore you to ask him questions that include but are not limited to: Biodiversity or Villanova. To the right of Matt is the game we decided to play. It’s called Falling Food. It ends when we either

A) Move the mess to another room for somebody else


B) Matt is buried alive by removing the wrong bag of food

Everyone in the internship and everyone one of these people have influenced and affected me in so many positive ways. Here we have the celebration of Vito Baldini

(Dead center with the killer smile) Becoming The Great Baldini. On the right, in the red sox shirt, is Jackson. Ask him about Divine Providence or disagree with anything he says. Daniel, beside Jackson, can hold a conversation in about any topic but prefers nature and more specifically animals. I’m next. Ask me about that face I’m making. I talked about Vito already so I’m skipping him and moving on to Courtney who is crouched holding the cake. She is incredible and being with her these past couple of weeks has been inspirational to me in our seemingly different yet similar backgrounds. Behind Courtney is Amrah, The Great Baldini’s wife. Every Master of Divinity needs a Master of everything else and that's who we have here. To the left…yes in the Villanova shirt (I told you to ask him about it!) is Matt. Matt can run for long distances in extremely hot conditions. He also has mad skills on and off the basketball court. He is and will always be my partner in crime at city team, and working with him has truly been my honor. Finally, Shannon. My girl. Shannon not only inspires, but some of my favorite conversations have been with her. I believe it is because we are both direct people, which fuels interesting conversations.

So there’s the team everyone. 

Thanks for reading!