By Matt Kaehler
June 25, 2014

I had lived in smalltown, USA for my entire life before venturing off to Villanova University for four years of college. My parents, especially my father, have worked harder than anyone I have ever met to provide for my family. Every night I came home from school, dinner was placed on the table, and I always had fully stocked cupboards when I was craving that midnight snack. I have no first-hand experience with the struggle to obtain a meal.

At Cityteam International, I watch as dozens – sometimes even as many as 250 – of individuals and families walk through the door to shop through food donations every day. Most need this service to survive, and Cityteam does an incredible job of meeting its food service mission: Feed the People. It is a humbling blessing to take a step back and thank God for the privileges and opportunities He has offered me to share with others.

One guest that entered the dining area to pick through that day’s selection of fruits, vegetables, pastries, and assorted offerings was wearing a uniform that looked familiar to me. He was clearly an employee at an organization that I knew from my time at Villanova on the Main Line. For the sake of refraining from controversy, I will refer to the organization as "BigBusiness, Inc." I know that only the most fortunate of individuals can afford BigBusiness, Inc., so why was this man, who was seemingly employed by this company, walking through a line of food donations? Surely his job at BigBusiness, Inc. should pay well enough for him to sustain a decent living, right? Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in today, and I believe it is our responsibility as Christians to work for the quality of life of everyone around us.

My time at Cityteam has challenged me in a litany of ways, and I hope this anecdote offers a challenge to everyone reading as well. What are the blessings in our lives which we take for granted? Who are the faces, the stories, the men and women made in the image and likeliness of God who make those blessings available to us – even when we do not immediately notice their work? Let’s all take a moment to thank God for the opportunities in our lives; and to ask for the strength to work for the same opportunities for each of our brothers and sisters.

Matt is originally from McSherrystown, Pennsylvania. He is a 2014 graduate of Villanova University, where he studied Economics and Peace & Justice. This August, Matt will be accepting a position with the Cabrini Mission Corps as a Campus Minister at Cabrini College in Radnor, PA. He is hoping to discern his future plans over the coming months, but he is passionate about devoting his life to serving and growing with those around him. Matt is honored to be a part of this internship program, and could not be more excited!

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