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At Liberti Church Center City / Main Line, Help and Care is provided through our Deacon Ministry. Deacons serve the social, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual needs of the congregation and the city. They lead the church into service, mercy, and justice both internally and externally. They are Christ’s servants sent into the world. 

The counseling needs of the Liberti Church community vary. Whether our community members are in crisis, needing marriage or pre-marital counseling, handling a job change, have financial concerns, among other needs, the Liberti Church Deacon Ministry is available to help. Deacons can refer a member to a pastor or serve as a supportive resource to come alongside members. Deacons are not medically trained nor do they conduct a psychological patient intake, but can direct members to the variety of counseling resources available to our church community. In addition, upon request, Deacons are available to pray collectively or confidentially for our church family members regardless of need. "

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