Our home group introduced us to thought-provoking conversations, intentional challenges and even greater friends. By surrounding ourselves with people from all different walks of life, we have been exposed to God’s spirit in a unique way. We’re grateful for this opportunity at Liberti, and would encourage others to pursue this shared experience.
— Emily Hemming
Week in and week out, I’m amazed by the diversity in my home group. I’ve cherished the opportunity to learn from a vibrant group of people who, without God’s love and mercy, would never have crossed paths. We all come from different walks of life and faith, and that’s only strengthened our study of Scripture together.
— Nick Hemming
When I was homeless 17 years ago, I would eat at churches like this. Now that I’m housed and clean, I love serving others in a church.
— Emmanuel Volunteer
Our family has really enjoyed spending time with the community at CHOC.  Our three year old, Brecht, has especially liked setting out the plates and cups, and eating the ice cream Dr. Harper dishes out. It’s been a great experience all around.
— Richard & Brynnan Toner

A Letter from Jared

“This church changed my life.” As I was sharing happy hour with a young man in our community, he told me this offhandedly, then stopped himself, locked eyes with me, slowed down, and said it again: “I mean it. This church has changed my life.” I forget this all the time, but it’s true hundreds and hundreds of times over at Liberti: Jesus is welcoming, gracing, helping, freeing, growing so many people that matter to God on Sundays, in living rooms during home groups, in neighborhood mercy partnerships.  Jesus is changing lives here!

On this page, you can see some snapshots of all Jesus is doing around Liberti these days.  I pray that as we arrive in the final month of 2017, you’ll partner with us financially, and do so generously, so you can be in on all the life change happening here!

In Christ, 



2017 Highlights




  • Placed 21 people experiencing homelessness into permanent housing in partnership with Bethesda Project.
  • 70 unique individuals engaged in Bethesda Project Services that attend Emmanuel. 
  • Fed more than 100 homeless guests every Saturday through our Emmanuel ministry, with over 5,100 meals served throughout the past year.


  • $100,000 raised for 6,000 meals & 1,500 clean water filters through Easter Outreach.
  • $135,000 committed to local and international outreach in the 2017/18 fiscal year
  • Connected hundreds of people to authentic community through 23 home groups
  • 4 new home groups begun in the Fall of 2017


  •  500+ people at Main Line Easter Egg Hunt
  • Over 1,000 people attending the Bryn Mawr Summer Movie Nights this Summer





  • Average weekly attendance of 80 kids between both campuses for Liberti Kids.
  • 405 people have participated in the Liberti Kids ministry in 2017.
  • Wrote a prayer book for the Lent & Advent season, seeing hundreds of downloads that went far beyond Liberti

Generosity at Liberti

Freely you have received; freely give.
-Jesus, from Matthew 10:8

The Advent and Christmas seasons are a ripe opportunity to reflect on God’s immense generosity to us in giving us the gift of Jesus Christ, and how we can in turn give generously to extend the grace of Christ to others.  

As a church, all of our mission and ministry is funded entirely by the generous, joyful partnership of folks who are part of the Liberti community- people like you and I!  I’d love to invite you to partner with us financially so you can be part of all that God’s doing through Liberti in our own community, and around the world.

This December, we’re targeting raising $300,000 to fund the church’s mission and ministry.  That’s a significant goal for us, but if just 100 households who are part of Liberti commit to a gift of $3,000, we’ll reach it!

Maybe you can be generous in a larger way, and maybe it’d be a significant act of generosity for you to simply begin a regular pattern of giving.  Whatever the case, I want to invite you to be a part of Jesus changing lives here!

We truly cannot do this without you. As we spiritually grow together as a community, we’d like to ask you...

“What will generosity look like for you this holiday season?”



It’s easy to give to Liberti church in any of these ways:

  • Give online at here: You can make individual gifts or recurring contributions here, and the record of your giving is always available online.
  • Give through your bank’s online bill pay: If you already use an online system for making bill payments, you can easily contribute one-time or recurring to Liberti as well.
  • Give through your investment portfolio: You can donate stocks, bonds or other funds from your investment portfolio directly to Liberti’s account at Charles Schwab with potential benefits for you and for Liberti.  Contact Scott Jennings for the instructions to provide your financial institution.
  • Give on Sundays: We practice giving generously every Sunday during worship, which can offer a very tangible way for you and your family to give back to the church.
By giving last year through our investment account, my family was able to make a larger contribution to Liberti than we had pledged. We gave stock that had appreciated above our pledged amount, at a lower cost basis to us and allowing us to contribute in one gift rather than over three years as planned.  This was a great win-win for Liberti and for us.
— Michael O'Brien, Liberti Elder

Stories of Giving

We believe that good stewardship of God’s gifts to us is the best tangible example that we can show our daughter of God’s love. By being financially invested in our church community, we are committing to trusting God to care for us while we care for others. What a humbling thought that our money and resources are not ours, but simply passing through us.
— Ted & Jess Weaver
Offering and regular financial support of the church has been important to our family as members of Liberti. It serves as a constant reminder of how we’ve been blessed and another essential form of worship. We find it encourages us to be more invested and connected to the life of Liberti.
— Matt Barber