It is difficult to describe how important home group has been for my wife and me the past few years. We thank God regularly for providing us with this awesome community and are so thankful for the lifelong friendships we have made.
— DJ & Kristland Damazo
My favorite thing from this Fall is learning that God is transcendent. We actually learned who God is not just stories.
— Aderyn, age 10
When I was homeless 17 years ago, I would eat at churches like this. Now that I’m housed and clean, I love serving others in a church.
— Emmanuel Volunteer

A Letter from Jared

I never would have expected Liberti to have the kind of far-reaching impact you’ll see snapshots of in this letter.  For all of you who’ve given to Liberti’s mission and ministry, I want to say thanks to you; all this is only possible by your investment in God’s work at Liberti. You have been a part of life-change, transformation, growth, and compassion! Thank you!

In the rest of this letter, members of our church will highlight the impact our ministry is having on our community, and invite you to help us do even more to multiply the impact we’ve had in the lives of our neighborhoods.

I pray that God moves you to participate in what he’s doing at Liberti in surprising ways and that he uses your generosity in ways we would never expect!

In Christ,

Liberti Ministry Highlights




  • Placed 15 people experiencing homelessness into housing in partnership with Bethesda Project
  • Fed more than 100 homeless guests every Saturday through our Emmanuel ministry
  • Distributed over 4,000 meals to Philly neighbors, with the help of 1,000 volunteers




  • Connected hundreds of people to authentic community through 30 home groups
  • Reached over 130 children through Liberti Kids with groups in the city and Main Line
  • Provided professional care to dozens of individuals and families through 2200 Arch Counseling




  • Wrote a prayer book for the Lent season, seeing thousands of downloads that went far beyond Liberti
  • Partnered with Main Line Christian Fellowship to share Christ with 40 kids, many new to church
  • Hosted 100 people for a seminar on “Wholeheartedness, amidst our all-too-common busyness

Generosity at Liberti

A poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which make a penny. [Jesus said] “This poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the offering box.  For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty.”
--Mark 12.41-44

As we approach Christmas, the holidays offer time to reflect on the gift we’ve been given in Christ. And the Lord asks that we not hold this gift as our own, but that we share it with others.

It’s humbling to realize that, no matter our financial standing, Scripture calls us to be generous out of what we have--nothing more, nothin less.

Many have asked how much we need to raise by the end of 2016. So we'll humbly share that our strategic goal is $250,000 by year-end to maintain and grow our mission and ministry, here in Philadelphia and around the world. 

We truly cannot do this without you. As we spiritually grow together as a community, we’d like to ask you...

“What will generosity look like for you this holiday season?”



It’s easy to give to Liberti church in any of these ways:

  • Give online at You can make individual gifts or recurring contributions here, and the record of your giving is always available online.
  • Give through your bank’s online bill pay: If you already use an online system for making bill payments, you can easily contribute one-time or recurring to Liberti as well.
  • Give through your investment portfolio: You can donate stocks, bonds or other funds from your investment portfolio directly to Liberti’s account at Charles Schwab with potential benefits for you and for Liberti.  Contact Scott Jennings for the instructions to provide your financial institution.
  • Give on Sundays: We practice giving generously every Sunday during worship, which can offer a very tangible way for you and your family to give back to the church.
By giving last year through our investment account, my family was able to make a larger contribution to Liberti than we had pledged. We gave stock that had appreciated above our pledged amount, at a lower cost basis to us and allowing us to contribute in one gift rather than over three years as planned.  This was a great win-win for Liberti and for us.
— Michael O'Brien, Liberti Elder

Stories of Giving

Offering and regular financial support of the church has been important to our family as members of Liberti. It serves as a constant reminder of how we’ve been blessed and another essential form of worship. We find it encourages us to be more invested and connected to the life of Liberti.
— Matt Barber
We give to Liberti because we feel called by God to do so. The Liberti community has been extremely supportive to us over the years and we know that by giving, it will help the church support others in our community in need, as well as the mercy ministries. While at times it has been financially painful for us to give, we have found that God has richly blessed us for doing so.
— Andrew & Emily Phillips