A strategic place in the city…

This is a strategic home! The Rittenhouse Square neighborhood is the nerve center for the entire Philadelphia region. It is the most densely-populated area in the region, and the population of downtown Philly has grown by roughly 200,000 residents since 2000. Center City is home to over 43% of the jobs in Philadelphia, over 400 cultural and arts organizations, and is second only to Manhattan in population of U.S. city downtowns. And the storied institutions around Center City Philadelphia welcome more than 121,000 students to downtown Philly every year.  

A legacy for the city…

Liberti Church has the opportunity before us to sink deep roots into the very heart of the city serving and loving Philadelphia into the long-term future! From being able to secure a permanent home, to the exponentially-increasing opportunities for mercy and justice efforts, to the opportunity to continue the long legacy of worship to God and service to the city at 17th and Sansom, this is a strategic opportunity for Liberti and for the city.

In a white paper on the dynamics of center-city congregations and facilities, another church in our network of churches, pastor and author Tim Keller identifies these distinct advantages to securing permanent building facilities in a major city center:

  • Facilities are crucial
  • Facilities enable hospitality
  • Facilities provide stability
  • Facilities enable flexibility
  • Facilities cultivate community
  • Want to read more? Click here.

A unique opportunity in the city…

This sort of opportunity to secure and renovate facilities for worship rarely happens for a new congregation in a major city’s downtown. Over and over again, as our church’s leadership consulted with other churches in major cities, we heard from their leaders, “You just have to do this - this never happens!”