1899-2013- First Baptist Church builds the Edward Seeler-designed, Byzantine-inspired building at 17th and Sansom St., in Center City Philadelphia. It would go on to become a center of ministry, worship and service to the city over the next century.

Dec. 2013- First Baptist Church informs Liberti Church’s leaders that they needed to sell their facility, and had an offer from a developer. Liberti’s leadership and First Baptist’s leadership begin to talk and pray about Liberti purchasing and renovating the facility.

Spring 2014- Liberti’s leaders pray, and partner with church and community leaders to study facility options, and determine the feasibility of the FBC building becoming Liberti’s permanent home.  

March 23, 2014- First Baptist members vote nearly unanimously to sell their facility to Liberti Church, rather than a developer, thus giving our church and theirs a permanent home, to continue the legacy of this place as a center of worship and service to the city!

June 19, 2014- Liberti’s elders vote unanimously to purchase and renovate the FBC building.  

June 29, 2014- Liberti Church’s members vote overwhelmingly to affirm our elders’ decision to purchase and renovate the FBC facility!

September 15, 2014- Liberti Church officially closes on the purchase of the FBC building, securing the facility debt-free!

September 28, 2014- Liberti launches the For the City campaign to renovate the FBC facility and ready it for another century of worship, community, and service to the city!

November 17, 2014 - Liberti announces that God has provided $2 million to purchase the building outright, and launches a comprehensive renovation initiative.