Why does Liberti’s leadership see this as a compelling opportunity?

Owning a permanent facilities will allow our church to put down roots in the city, to have space to continue to grow, and expand ministry and service to the city in exciting ways. 

Alternately, finding other space in Center City for our church, given our current growth trajectory, would likely necessitate spending more in rental costs over the next season of our life and growth than we would to purchase and renovate First Baptist, and would give our church much less stability and security.   

Newer churches in the downtown of a major city do not usually have the opportunity to establish a permanent home; this opportunity will provide Liberti with a historic church home, and ample space for ministry in a neighborhood that serves as the nerve center for the entire metro Philadelphia region. 


Will owning and renovating a facility take away focus/energy/resources from ministry?

In reality, just the opposite is the case! Having permanent, 24/7 space actually allows us to greatly expand our ministry and service efforts beyond Sundays. Our church, for example, does much more ministry and service for friends and neighbors now in the city than when we did when we were in facilities that only offered access to us on Sundays. More, and permanent space in Center City allows us to greatly expand our mercy and justice efforts and hospitality to any and all of our neighbors. 

To find out how you can serve the city with Liberti, click here (hyperlink to serve page for the campaign, or to the serve in our neighborhoods page) 


Is this a wise financial decision? Won’t it cost a lot more to own and operate the building than to simply rent a facility?

With the assistance of experienced facility managers, we have determined the operational costs will actually be about the same as what we spent on rent when we leased space at the FBC building. Over the long term, Liberti will actually save money on operations when compared with an escalating rental market.  Furthermore, various other organizations rent space in the building, so the additional income from their rent help defray some of the operational costs. 


What will happen to First Baptist Church?

In short - nothing! First Baptist Church extended gracious hospitality as we rented facilities from them, and we are delighted to hospitably provide a home for them into the future. They will continue to worship at 17th and Sansom and rent space from Liberti Church.   


I’m a part of the Main Line campus - why should I give toward, or even care about, this?

Liberti Church- both of our campuses- are one church- this is an opportunity for our entire church!  Many of our Center City campus leaders and members, for example, prayed, invited friends, served, and financially supported our Main Line campus as it launched; and, many from our Main Line campus are every bit as involved in serving, leading, and financially supporting this project as our church’s community in Center City is! Additionally, we envision this project exponentially multiplying ministry, service, and justice opportunities for all those in our church, whichever campus you attend.


What was the purchase price for the building?    

The purchase price was $2 million, and by God’s grace, Liberti was able to purchase the FBC facility in cash!


What will the renovations entail?    

Renovations will include updating utilities (electrical, bathrooms, kitchen, HVAC), remodeling meeting spaces and children’s spaces, fixing the roof and other exterior repairs, updating accessibility, and refreshing the interior of the building.  For more info on renovation plans for this project, click here


How can I get involved?

Glad you asked! We would love to invite you to pray, serve, and give to partner with what God is doing in Philadelphia and the Main Line.