What is the updated status of Liberti Church’s finances?

On Feb. 5, we held a congregational meeting to discuss critical financial challenges the church was facing.  We’re deeply grateful to God, and grateful to you, for responding! At the same time, we’re not “out of the woods”: for Liberti to be at a strong place in its ministry and mission for the long term, we need to expand the level of partnership all of us in our community have with what God’s doing here. To see a report of the current status of Liberti Church's finances, click here.

How has Liberti changed how we provide financial communication?
You provided helpful feedback about how we communicate our financial information, and so we’ve changed our formatting to provide increased clarity and transparency.  If you’d like to take a look at an updated view of our budget, you can find it here.

How can I get involved?
There are several different ways you can invest in what God’s doing at Liberti; to see which giving option is right for you, simply click here, or you can reach out to Scott Jennings or Rob Hanlon, one of our deacons who serves on the church’s finance team.