Encountering Jesus: the Gospel of John & Life’s Big Questions


The Gospel of John tells Jesus’ story in striking, unique fashion. One of the most conspicuous features of John’s Gospel is that Jesus speaks; the fourth Gospel consists mainly of Jesus’ conversations. Jesus, the Word of God (Jn. 1:1), speaks- his words flourish into conversation, dramatic encounters, and transformed lives. In the book of John, many of Jesus’ conversations with religious insiders and outsiders, students and professors, men and women deal prominently with the large, urgent questions that face us all: what is life for? what do we do with our big questions about life and God? How does God deal with our brokenness and shame? Our doubts? Our future? So, this fall at Liberti, we’re going to be listening together to Jesus’ conversations throughout the Gospel of John, to encounter Christ addressing our lives’ largest questions.

The Gospel of John is at once refreshingly simple in style and deeply profound- so, whether you’re only beginning to consider Christian faith, or you’re a longtime follower of Jesus, join us this fall to encounter Jesus addressing you!

Out of town last weekend? Want to listen in online? Click here to download sermons from this series.


Encountering Jesus- Tim Keller  
This book, collecting a series of addresses Presbyterian author and minister Tim Keller did for students at Oxford, covers a number of the episodes in Jesus’ interactions with people that we’ll be exploring this fall- it’s an excellent treatment of how the Gospel addresses life’s big questions.

Gospel of John Scripture Reading Guide. In conjunction with our sermon series, we put together a companion Scripture reading guide & prayerbook to help you read and pray your way through the Gospel of John in its entirety as we work through Jesus’ encounters with people in John through the fall.