My husband Bobby and I are looking for someone who can help us during the day M-F to manage our two older children and help with light housework and meal prep. We have been married 8 years, are members at Tenth Presbyterian Church, live at 16th and Walnut in Philadelphia, have two children, and are expecting our third in the end of October. Our son John Ransom will be turning 4 on the baby's due date, and our daughter Susannah will be 2 in mid-January. We wanted someone to start in early October before the baby arrived so the kids could get used to the nanny, the nanny get used to the family routines, and then when baby comes I won't have be providing too much direction, can focus on the newborn, and the kids will still have a somewhat usual routine maintained despite the chaos. Ransom goes to Tenth Preschool at 17th and Delancey on MWF mornings and both kids still take a 1-2 hour afternoon nap. John Ransom and Susannah are very sweet, helpful children who love reading, running, music, and being outside. If you're interested in hearing more, please send me your resume at and I'd love to set up a phone or face-to-face interview. We are a great, loving family and look forward to hearing from you!