-3 Bedroom on Catharine Street in Queen Village
-$733/ month
-Starting Sept. 15th

My friend Ailee and I are moving to the city from the 'burbs where we have gone to the same church since we were kids. We found an amazing 3 bedroom in Queen Village (Catharine Street) that would be $733 a month per person, but don't have a third person! We would love to live with another girl we could be friends with. The lease would start Sept 15th if we go for it.

About us: Ailee's a graphic designer and I work at a branding and web agency in center city. She's, like, the cool artsy one and I'm the goofy one. We're both pretty laid back.

Please contact me if you want to know more about us or the place (I can also send pictures).

Contact : Kristen Tideman, 4846433644tidemank@gmail.com