Hello, although I am currently residing in Virginia, I have been accepted into the University of Pennsylvania's Pre-Health Program (Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Dental Program) in order to study dental medicine in a near future. 

I am currently working at a local restaurant as a server until the start of fall semester (August 30th) and will take out the student loan in order to pay for the tuition. But still, there are numerous challenges present ahead and most notably, I do not have financial resource to rent a room for an extended period of time. The program is typically expected to be completed in two years but I am hoping I could finish through the program in less than two years.

I am sincerely asking for a generosity from a member of the congregation to provide with a room while I am attending school. I perfectly understand that this is an awkward situation but I was wondering if I could be fortunate enough to receive a generous support as it will profoundly help me in obtaining an education in the city of Philadelphia.

As a side note, I am more than willing to hire a third-party vendor to check and verify my criminal background if requested. I can bring all the supplies and furniture for a room. I do not have preference on actual location of an apartment/house as I will commute by car. Also, I will mostly be outside as I would have to attend classes, volunteer and engage in research opportunities.

If there is an individual or family willing to help me, or even for any reason, please contact

Daniel Lim

Email : (ddl2nz@virginia.edu) 

Phone : (703-835-5436)