At Liberti, every single thing we do, every decision we make, everything we spend our time or resources on is all in service of our church’s mission: to live, speak, and serve as the very presence of Jesus in downtown Philadelphia and in its Main Line communities.  Below are a few snapshots of how that’s happening, of how we’re making some changes to better live out our mission, and of how you can join in too!

Spring 2017 Ministry Update

At our Feb. 5 congregational meeting, we discussed several challenges to Liberti’s ministry health we’ve faced, and the need for greater participation from our community in the ministry life of the church.  And we’re grateful to God, and to you, for how you’ve risen to the occasion!

-Here’s a few snapshots of God’s work through Liberti over the last couple of months…

  • Sunday volunteers- 22 new people have begun volunteering on Sundays since January. 
  • Easter Outreach: Our church just finished the Easter Outreach project, in which Liberti led more than 50 other Christian churches and organizations of all kinds in the metro Philly area to raise over $100,000 to distribute 6,000 meals on Easter weekend to families in need, and give 1,500 clean water filters to communities in S. Sudan without access to clean drinking water.
  • Main Line Christian Fellowship- Main Line Christian fellowship kicked off last week with a lot of returning families and a lot of new people potentially coming over the next few weeks. Kids are great very enthusiastic about what is ahead. 
  • Emmanuel Homeless Ministry- We have been serving, and sharing, a meal with friends an neighbors experiencing homelessness at the FBC building every week, and it’s grown significantly: more volunteers are jumping in (even friends who don’t yet go to Liberti), we’ve served over 800 people nearly 3,000 meals, and, working together with the Bethesda Project, have seen 39 people placed in housing.
  • The Great Easter Egg Hunt- this year, we tried a new experiment at our Main Line campus, and offered a community Easter egg hunt for families. In short, we were overwhelmed with the response: nearly 300 kids and their families joined us, most of whom aren’t yet a part of Liberti, many of whom indicated they’d like to know about other events to connect to at Liberti, and some of whom even joined us for Easter!

Check out our Stories page here to see some highlights that have been happening at Liberti. 

Unstuck Group process

Many of you know that, in response to operational and ministry health challenges our church has faced, we engaged a church consulting group called the Unstuck Group to help us receive the church community’s feedback, understand our current challenges, and plan for greater flourishing in Liberti’s future.  

As a result of that process, we created three working groups to address critical areas in the church’s life:

  • The “Sunday Experience” team- ensuring that the experience for someone coming to Liberti for the first time, from directions and signage, to how they’re welcomed, to the quality and consistency of our music, to coffee hour, is hospitable and compelling. 
  • The “Multisite Model” team- transitioning our staff, lay leadership, and care structures to effectively connect with, care for, and disciple the communities at each of our campuses. 
  • The “Financial Strategy” team- building a strong finance team, increasing clarity and frequency in our financial communication, helping the church community to grow in stewardship, and ensuring that we steward our church facility well. 

Each of these teams include elders, deacons, and staff members working together; and we’d love to help you get involved, too!  If you’re interested in serving in one of these areas in the church’s life, or have questions or feedback in any of these areas of the church’s life, we’d love to talk! Just email our administrator, and we’ll get you connected to the right person.

Staff Structure Changes

One key result of receiving the church community’s feedback, going through the Unstuck process, and subsequent research has been that centralizing all of our staffing was creating significant challenges to connect and care well for people locally at each campus of our church.  

So, in this next interim phase of the church’s life, Scott Jennings will be serving as Center City campus pastor, and Meade Baker will be serving as the Main Line campus pastor.  Practically, this means that, for the interim time going forward, they will be giving oversight to Sunday teams, groups, and pastoral care at each respective campus.  In this next phase of Liberti’s life, Meade will continue leading Liberti’s youth ministry, Vito Baldini will continue leading the whole church’s mercy and outreach efforts, and Brian Savage will continue to oversee worship at both campuses of our church.

Who do I connect with? How can I get involved?

If you attend Liberti’s Center City campus and would like to connect to a pastor, or have a pastoral care need, you can simply contact Scott Jennings.

If you attend Liberti’s Main Line campus and would like to connect to a pastor, or have a pastoral care need, you can simply contact Meade Baker.

Additionally, if you haven’t currently found your place to serve at Liberti, we’d love to help! It takes several hundred people to make Liberti’s ministry vision a reality, and we need your passions, gifts, and skills in the mix!  Contact one of our staff team members, and we’d love to help you connect and serve.