In accordance with new state laws, all Liberti Church staff, kids ministry volunteers, and other volunteers and church leaders are required to complete a four part background check and training process. Liberti Church will reimburse all volunteers for the cost of the background checks.  After completing the process email to receive a reimbursement.  

Step 1. Complete the PA Child Abuse Clearance by visiting The Child Welfare Portal. Click "Create an Individual Account." Submit a copy of your clearance to when it is sent to you.

Step 2. Complete the PA Criminal Background Check by visiting the PATCH website. Click "New Record Check" and follow the steps. Once your results come through, submit a copy of your Certification Form to

Step 3. Complete an FBI Record Check (this step requires being fingerprinted) OR sign and submit a Federal Criminal History Volunteer Affirmation Form (the latter option only applies to those who have lived in Pennsylvania for 10 or more years).

  • Volunteers need to go to and enter the service code, then click “Schedule or Manage Appointment” to register.  Service code: 1KG6ZJ

      Step 3A. On the "Reason Fingerprinted" drop-down, select “employment with a significant likelihood of
                      regular contact with children.”
      Step 3B. You will be sent a registration receipt. Please save this until after you are fingerprinted.
      Step 3C. Get fingerprinted within 90 days of registering. You can find a fingerprinting site in your area
                       here. You will need to bring a valid photo ID, your registration receipt, and registration ID. 
      Step 3D. When the FBI record check is complete, a notification will be sent via mail to your home address. Please give this notification to a Liberti Church staff member. 

Step 4. Complete the Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse Training. This is a video-based training which can be completed in around 3 hours. It's free and can be done at

       Step 4A. When you are finished with this course, you will be given a certificate of completion. Please save
                       this and email it to


A Note on Mandatory Reporting: Pennsylvania law defines “mandatory reporter” as any of the following: clergy members (including ministers and other spiritual leaders), any individual, paid or unpaid, who, on the basis of that individual’s role as an integral part of a regularly scheduled service, activity or program, accepts responsibility for a child. This includes individuals serving at youth camps or programs, sports or athletic programs, outreach programs, enrichment programs, troops, clubs and similar organizations. All Liberti Church staff members and many Liberti Church volunteers are, under this new law, mandatory reporters. 

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse: Mandatory reporters must make an immediate and direct report of suspected child abuse to ChildLine either at or by calling 1-800-932-0313. After making the report to ChildLine, the reporter is required to immediately notify the person in charge (or their designated agent) of the institution, facility, school or agency. For Liberti Church, please notify our Main Line Campus Pastor & Youth & Family Pastor, Meade Baker who can be contacted directly at (215)-988-9540.  

Thank you for your willingness to undergo this extensive process! We are encouraged to know that these procedures will ultimately help us serve our kids and families more diligently and faithfully.